XJ Rhodium Silver

Peace of Mind for Jaguar Owners

  • Vehicle Warranty

    All new Jaguars are covered by a warranty lasting three years and beginning the day the vehicle is registered. READ MORE >>

  • Parts and Accessories Warranty

    XF Portfolio in Liquid Silver with 20" Selena alloy Wheels

    In addition to the Vehicle Warranty, covering parts supplied as original equipment when your Jaguar was purchased, there is a separate Jaguar Parts & Accessories Warranty covering all Jaguar Genuine Parts and Accessories purchased from a Jaguar Authorised Repairer, Jaguar dealer or Jaguar Authorised Parts Distributor. READ MORE >>

  • Paint and Corrosion Warranties

    Two separate Jaguar warranties cover you against damage or defects on the exterior of your car: the Paint Surface Warranty and the Corrosion Protection Warranty. READ MORE >>

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