Service and Maintenance

Keeping Your Car in Peak Condition

A Jaguar performs best when it is maintained by experts. That’s why it’s important to have it inspected and serviced at the recommended intervals, at a dedicated Jaguar Approved Service Centre.

  • Service Schedule

    XK - Technical Engine

    To ensure that your Jaguar remains in first class order, you must make routine visits to your dealer or Authorised Repairer for servicing. READ MORE >>

  • Authorised Service & Repair Centres

    XKR Portfolio Convertible  in Liquid Silver with 20

    Our network of Authorised Service & Repair Centres have unrivalled experience in all aspects of Jaguar servicing and maintenance. Authorised Service Centres meet Jaguar's rigorous standards for quality and service. READ MORE >>

  • Service Indicator Lights

    Jaguar New XJ - sparkles effect

    The latest Jaguar models feature a service interval message in the information display, which lights up when there is less than 3400 km (2000 miles) before the car's next service is due. READ MORE >>

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